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Journalist EW News Room

About the company

Friends of Journalism is the flagship advocacy group for progressive values and to combat the heavy attacks on journalism today. 

Our members are media, news and blog enterprises from across the world. Through our partnership, we strive to ensure that our voices are heard on the public forum and that progressive social change is railroaded in modern culture.

Several of our management members are also chairs of respected news organizations and presently disperse news in their own forms. Our methods are constantly updated and peer reviewed.

Today, Friends of Journalism is led by Dustin Levitt who is a prominent figure in the public arena and controversial within social media. His devil-may-care attitude and aggressive reporting tactics have resulted in the energetic and powerful advocacy group that you see today.


What We do

We have many facets of outreach but our most prominent medias are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Discord. Our teams work tirelessly to spread FoJ material and help convert bigots and ignorance into free thinking, inclusive individuals.

We also conduct independent surveys and polls on multiple platforms in order to garner a wide, dynamic source group. Utilizing our proprietary Poll Integrity Saving System, we are able to (within reasonable accuracy) estimate actual demographics versus static participation. This helps prevent unethical or insincere participants. 

The Poll Integrity Saving System is one of many aspects of our organization that has the community’s hand. Utilizing an open poll, we had our fans vote for the name of our group, several programs and systems.

We proudly listen to the community and act.

OuR Team

Dustin Levitt

Founder // CEO

Arising from homegrown journalistic roots, Dustin has paved a way to true enlightenment through a rough upbringing. His powerful leadership and immense intelligence empower the team.

Lindsey Croft

C.O.O // Chief Operations Officer

When you think of a powerful woman, you’re thinking of Lindsey. Serving as the Chief Operations Officer, Lindsey ensures the smooth execution of FoJ goals and helps steer the ship into success.

Nora Lovecraft

C.D.O // Chief Diversity Officer

Beginning her journey as a child prodigy, Nora served on the board of directors for a now-defunct capital firm at just 13 years old. Her wisdom and sensibility make her a rockstar as well as a Chief Diversity Officer.

Tina Mironov

C.B.O // Chief Business Officer

Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, Tina is a direct and titanic force to be reckoned with. She serves as the Chief Business Officer and Community Manager, ensuring that our company and staff are squared away.