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We've acquired Social Justice United to help us spread our message

Through our work, we are constantly expanding and improving upon our core mission which is to bring the topic of journalism into the limelight and show the world just how important it is to defend it at all costs.

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Public Awareness

We are always communicating with visitors on our public Discord in an effort to better educate them.

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Our social programs ensure that our message is spread far and wide.


Total Inclusivity

We are completely progressive and consistently work to ensure that bigotry stops here.

Professional and Honest

Our Impact To Date.

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Our group has advocated for journalists far and wide.
We were under direct enemy fire for seven days in Afghanistan. Friends of Journalism sent us very nice cards that lifted our spirits.
Adam Sendler
War Correspondent
I mean, they've been very nice and helpful. We appreciate the letters you folks wrote to us.
Olivia Coleman
Major Network Reporter
We needed to make (sic) journalism. Nobody knew for election. It is great for the thing from Friends. Thank.
Nanjala Nyabola
Kenyan Activist

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